Excellent instructors for every age

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Excellent instructors for every age of student and especially for children. More than Taekwondo is taught. Patience, self control and self confidence are instilled in the students. And patience.....the instructors have lots of it.
My daughter has been a student for over three years earning her black belt during this journey. It is a positive experience and an accomplishment that she has for life.This school has a family feel to it as does the ATA system. It's consistent from top to bottom. We have many cherished memories from being active in this school and including going to tournaments at other venues. I can't recommend Chandler's Taekwondo strongly enough. They're worth 6 stars.

Von F.
Happy Parent

The Chandler's are great!

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The Chandler's are great! My daughter started a few weeks ago and loved taekwondo so much that my husband started too! All the staff are very helpful and positive. They make learning the new skills fun and allow all their students to feel successful. This has been a great, confidence building activity for my eight year old. She is sad on the days we can't go. There are many taekwondo places in our area, and I am so glad we found this one!

Bazy D.

This Taekwondo school is great

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This Taekwondo school is great, like being with extended family. They display and teach the art of taekwondo, discipline, honor, and respect for others. Also making it fun and exciting to come back. The Chandler's take taekwondo serious and teach with love for the sport and each student. My 10 year old daughter has been at their school for 5 years and is inspired each class to become a great leader with her peers and in life. We highly recommend trying it out.

Natalie P.
Satisfied Parent

A wonderful place to learn

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We have been taking TKD here for two years now. This is a wonderful place to learn for children and adults. All instructors are great and will take the time to make sure you are learning correctly.

Donald D.

Great people, Great Leaders

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These are great people, great Leaders, and deliver superbly from a top-notch program. This is a tremendous school to learn at, grow with, and evolve into the skill set you decide to. I started with my sons and now my grandson attends this school as well. I highly recommend them, most highly!

Charles D.